ICT Health and Safety

Investigating the dangers of ICT to health

In this task you will looking at some of the health risks of using ICT and how people can avoid and reduce them.
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Health and Safety – Why?

  •  People have a right to be safe at work.

  • All employers must do as much as they can to ensure that their workers are safe.

  • This is enforceable in law – Health and Safety at Work Act (1974).


Hazards in an ICT workplace


Backache – What can be done to alleviate backache?

  • Swivelling chairs.

  • Movable base with castors.

  • Adjustable back rests that support the lower back area.

  • Regular breaks to change posture.

Eye strain and headaches – What can be done to combat eye strain and headaches?

  • No screen flicker.

  • Angle, brightness, and contrast must be adjustable.

  • Reduction of reflective light.

  • Proper and adequate lighting.

  • Free, regular eye tests for VDU operators.

Repetitive strain injury – How can RSI be avoided?

  • Keyboard should be separate from the VDU.

  • Keyboard must be adjustable so that they can lie at an angle of 10 degrees

  • Keyboard should have concave keys to prevent fingers slipping and reduce impact shock on fingertips, fingers, wrists, and arms.

Radiation –What can be done to reduce radiation hazards?

  • Special radiation reduction shields on VDUs.

Things that must be considered when designing an office


·       Avoid the use of single pendant lamps as they produce glare on computer VDUs.

·       Use florescent tubes with diffusers or that produce artificial daylight.

·       Avoid the use of carpets made from artificial fibres as these cause static electricity.

·       Things that must be considered when designing an office

·       Windows should have adjustable blinds so that sunlight will not produce glare on computer VDUs.

·       Cables should be ducted and not allowed to trail across the floor.

·       Sufficient power sockets with surge resisters should be installed so that only one piece of equipment is plugged in to each socket.

 Time Scale:
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